Vokera 30S Evolve High Efficieny System Boiler


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Product Description


We’ve taken everything we have ever learned about design, performance and servicing and combined all that knowledge into one superior, cutting-edge boiler range. The evolve family comprises of both combi and system boilers, with a variety of outputs to suit every home’s requirements. A feature rich, state-of-the-art boiler range that will enrich the lives of homeowners and engineers alike by providing warmth, comfort, efficiency and long-term performance, coupled with ease of installation. It all adds up to our best boiler range to date.

dimensions of 740mm (H) x 420mm (W) x 275mm (D).


  • Fully compliant with the Energy-related Products Directive. Further efficiency can be achieved when installed with a weather compensation sensor or OpenTherm control.
  • ACC (Active Combustion Control) reduces emissions by adapting the air/gas mix according to the gas quality.
  • Efficiency indicator with on screen display of “High” or “Optimal” efficiency.
  • NG/LPG compatible out-of-the-box, with no additional kit required.
  • 7 year parts and labour warranty.(1)
  • Compact dimensions enable the boiler to be sited almost anywhere in the home, including within a kitchen cupboard.(2)
  • Text driven menu for easy set up and adjustment.
  • Exceptional modulation ratio of 7:1 maximises efficiency and comfort for end user.
  • Designed for easy installation.
  • The easy to use appliance interface and controls permits the end user to view, change and adjust the operating modes of the boiler.
  • Versatile flue options with concentric flue lengths up to 11m.
  • Direct rear flue option, reduces overall installation footprint.
  • Built-in frost protection, protects the appliance from damage during periods of cold weather.
  • Simple commissioning; only minimal adjustments are required after installation and automatic modulation eliminates the need to range rate the boiler.
  • Anti-seize function protects the pump and motorised valve from sticking during long periods of inactivity.
  • Self-start programming protects the pump and motorised valve from sticking during long periods of inactivity.
  • Enhanced Autostop disabling function with four optional modes of operation, including: service reminder, reducing the output of the boiler and moving the boiler into standby mode.(3)


(1) Subject to registration and annual service. (2) Cupboard fit applies to 18S, 24S & 30S (3) Autostop activation device required.