Ungaro F Style Pellet Stove

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Product Description

Ungaro F Style Pellet Stove

Hydro pellet stove with automatic combustion modulation for centralised domestic heating. Forced ventilation. Continuous production of domestic hot water (optional). Steel covering available in 5 colours, aesthetic glass door.


  • Thermochemical power: 24.3 KW;
  • Rated power: 22 KW Max;
  • Efficiency: Max 90.5 P;
  • Water power: 19.5 KW;
  • Air power: 2.5 kW;
  • Hourly consumption: 5kg pellet Max;
  • Tank capacity: 35 kg;
  • Heatable surface area: 160 Sq m;

Colour Options

  • Sand
  • White
  • Black


Pellet Boilers and Thermo Stoves

The outside temperature can vary considerably over a 24-hour period and from season to season. To keep your building at a roughly constant temperature, the amount of energy required by your heating system varies in line with the outside air temperature. Ungaro offers the best possible solution: TEMPERATURE FLOW. Thanks to the rapid response of the heat exchanger, and the use of Klimaworks® system, Ungaro products are unique in the biomass heating market satisfying a building’s variable heat requirements matched with balanced fuel consumption. The Temperature Flow creates an optimal balance between comfort and fuel savings. Traditional systems require greater heat production and a good part of this power is generally lost during storage in a bulky buffer tank. Ungaro systems, on the other hand, provide instant heat generation equal to the current need. The reduced volume of water that characterises our rapid- exchange boilers and stoves effectively allows operation at variable temperature within the system and over a wide temperature range that is without rival in biomass heating today: this is customised heat and well-being at the right price.

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