Tiger Loop for Oil Tank

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Product Description

Tiger Loop for Oil Tank

The Tiger loop for Oil Tank pre-heats the oil to at least room temperature by absorbing the heat from the boiler room and friction heat from the oil pump.
The TigerLoop® De-aerator effectively removes all gas/air bubbles from the oil system, helping to eliminate any oil pump and nozzle problems associated with gas/air in the oil. The TigerLoop® oil de-aerator preheats the oil by absorbing heat from the boiler room and friction heat from the oil pump, which reduces the problems associated with cold oil, gives cleaner combustion and enables reduced oil consumption. This oil de-aerator has a single pipe design, meaning that no oil is transported back to the oil tank, and that any oil not required by the burner is re-circulated within the TigerLoop®.

The Tigerloop Original is used in combination with a separate oil filter.

The benefits of Tigerloop are applicable anywhere you use a light oil burner.

  • Eliminate the risk of leakage in the return line
  • Reduce the flow of fuel, preserve quality of oil
  • Less dirt/sludge transported in the system
  • Better combustion, reduces oil consumption
  • Solve the problem of nozzle dripping causing soot build up
  • Provides the best possible operating conditions for pump
  • Satisfied customers / reduces call backs
  • The installers save time and money (easier installation)
  • Max. nozzle capacity: 75 LPH
  • Max. return oil pumped into Tigerloop: 113 lph
  • Max. oil flow: 189 lph
  • Max. Ambient Temperature: 40°F
  • Max. operating pressure in feed line: 8 PSI
  • Connections: 1/4″-NPT (F)
  • Fuel type: Nos. 1 & 2, B5 Bioheat Biofuel