Silent Shower Booster Pump Mat 

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Product Description

The Silent Shower Booster Pump Mat

Noise Reduction Anti Vibration Mat For Shower Pumps And Water Booster Pumps.

The Silent Mat is one of the worlds quietest anti vibration pump mats on the market today and uses the latest technology in acoustic sound absorption materials to dampen sound.

Don’t let your pump cause sleepless nights for you and your neighbours sort that problem today with the Silent Mat.

This shower pump noise reduction mat will eliminate vibrations through wooden floors. Normally pumps are installed in a hot press and this mat will fit perfectly.


pump anti vibration mat

  • Tested against other expensive pump mats on the market and the silent mat is 80% quieter than those shower pump mats.
  • This pump anti vibration mat uses the latest acoustic materials.
  • Easy To Install – If your pump fits the Silent Mat will fit.
  • Small enough to fit in tight spaces.
  • Reduces vibration and re-radiation of structure-borne noise transmission sounds to the rooms beside and below where the pump is installed.


Lenght –  200mm
Width –   140mm
Height –  30mm