Patchwork Tetris 29.8×29.8 Porcelain Tiles

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Actual Area (sq. yd.) 1.59
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Patchwork Tetris Porcelain Tiles

A space where we create our own ‘world’. The Patchwork Tetris collection of porcelain tiles is distinguished by geometric graphics drawn with a thin black line. The surface of the tile features four squares complemented by an ingenious composition of thin lines. The tile can be rotated, creating unusual combinations. Used on the floor and the wall, the tiles can be used to create a design in the spirit of Japandi, which combines Scandinavian naturalness with Japanese conservatism. The geometric pattern and monochromatic tones of Patchwork Tetris blend gracefully with earthy colours, natural wood and rattan. In this way, it reminds us that it is good to surround ourselves with what is beautiful and practical at the same time.


*** SOLD BY BOX ***

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Pieces: 15                                  

Yrd: 1.59

Mtr: 1.33

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