Meet Me 29.8×59.8 Rectified Ceramic Tiles

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Meet Me 29.8×59.8 Rectified Ceramic Tiles

In the base design of the MEET ME rectified ceramic tiles collection, referring to the impressive terrazzo, small stones of different sizes mix together in subdued colours with an unusual colour palette – from white and grey to single accents of blue and beige. The pattern fills the entire surface of the tiles creating a multi-dimensional and deep effect. The base terrazzo tile with a satin finish (29.8 × 59.8 cm) and the porcelain stoneware tile (59.8 × 59.8 cm) with the same pattern creates a modern, sensual interior effect. The rich pattern and colour accents of beige and blue on the wall and floor tiles create the perfect base for a variety of arrangements. The colours are subdued, so it is the accessories that determine the tone of the interior. Thanks to the range of colours, a bathroom with the MEET ME collection can change depending on the completing elements. Powder pink warms up the interior, blues and greys give it a maritime or New York flair, and sandy elements create a natural effect.

An unexpected encounter can be the start of a wonderful adventure. The pattern of the tiles in the meet me collection is reminiscent of a striking terrazzo. Scattered small pebbles embedded in the ceramic are the starting point for interesting bathroom designs. They are perfect as a base for loft-style interiors if we introduce industrial accents in the form of black and a drop of blue into the arrangement. The muted colour scheme behind the tiles means that it is the accessories that can determine the character of the interior. Check out our inspirational material boards and see how to use the potential of Meet Me in your bathroom.


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