Joule Solar 40 Tube Kit

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Product Description

The Joule Acapella Solar system’s unique tube design ensures a very high zero-loss collector efficiency
figure of 85% based on the absorber. The unique method of fixing the tubes into the collector results in a significantly lower heat loss coefficient of 1.529w/m²K. The collectors easy to install frame ensures that the collector is securely fixed and mounted onto the roof every time.

• We are so confident of the quality of our solar collectors that we have tested our collectors to double and sometimes four times the requirements of EN12975:1-2 and they are Solar Keymark.
• The high efficiency collectors are further tested to determine their maximum positive and negative loading force that the collectors can resist.
• The collectors have been tested to determine their impact resistance using a steal and ice ball method.

Joule solar 40 tube kit – items included in kit below

  • High efficiency evacuated tube collector
  • Stainless steel roof fixing bolts
  • Giacosun expansion vessel
  • Giacosun expansion vessel brackets
  • Giacosun solar controller
  • Giacosun solar pump station
  • Pre mixed solar fluid


  • Additional accessories added free of charge in this package
  • Weather tight solar pipe roof gaskets
  • Giacomini thermostatic mixing valve
  • 2m stainless steel solar piping
  • fittings
  • Total apature area = 3.2m square

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Warranty Definition
All Joule products come with a manufacturers guarantee. Your solar system comes
with a 10 year guarantee on the collector and 2 year guarantee on the solar components.
This guarantee covers all manufacturing defects. This guarantee does not
cover failure or damage due to incorrect installation as per installation documents and
current plumbing best practices. If you notice an issue with your solar system call your
installer and ask them to have a look at the system. If the issue is a product warranty
issue your installer will contact Joule to arrange for the issue to be resolved.