Joule Indirect Insulated Copper Cylinder

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Product Description

Joule Indirect Insulated Copper Cylinder

  • 1 Coil Heat source
  • HEIGHT – 30″ or  HEIGHT – 36″ or  HEIGHT – 42″ or HEIGHT – 48″ or HEIGHT – 60″
  • DIAMETER – 15″ or  DIAMETER – 18″

As the cost of home heating fuel increases Joule has been developing their product range to help reduce your homes heating bill. While steps can be taken to improve the homes heat loss it is also important to look at the hot water storage. Un-insulated and low levels of insulation on your hot water cylinder can be costing you a lot of money in terms of running costs.

The Joule A1 cylinder range is Ireland’s most advanced hot water storage cylinder on the market. A typical house uses nearly 50% of its energy consumption on hot water production.

Recovery Times:

The Joule A1 range of copper hot water cylinders use advanced heat exchanger technology to reheat the entire cylinder in less than 20 minutes using a correctly sized boiler and pipework. Reducing the heat up time of the hot water cylinder improves its efficiency by significantly reducing the amount of heat that the cylinder losses on an average day saving you money.

Cold Feed Diffuser:

The A1 range of Joule copper cylinders employs a unique cold feed diffuser that improves the cylinder efficiency by up to 10% by allowing the hot and cold water to remain in layers up the cylinder based on the water temperature. This reduces mixing and keeps hot water hotter.

Over Heating:

A lot of energy is wasted by the cylinder being over heating due to lack of control coming from the boiler. The A1 range of cylinders come with a pre fitted cylinder stat. Using a cylinder stat with a control valve on the boiler circuit keeps the cylinder at the required temperature reducing energy consumption on your boiler.

Insulation Thickness:

The Joule A1 range of cylinders comes with industry leading insulation thickness levels. This further helps to reduce heat loss and therefore reducing energy consumption on your boiler.

Additional Information

Cylinder Size

30×18, 36×15, 36×18, 42×15, 42×18, 48×18, 60×18