Joule 60×18 Triple Coil Insulated Copper Cylinder for Solar

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Product Description

Joule 60 x 18 Triple Coil Insulated Copper Cylinder For Solar

  • 1 Coil for Solar
  • 1 Coil for Solid Fuel
  • 1 Coil for Oil or Gas


  • HEIGHT – 1500mm
  • DIAMETER – 450mm

The Joule range of copper solar cylinders are a result of 12 months continuous research and development. The cylinders differ from standard cylinders because of their unique solar coil. This coil has been designed to optimise the gain you will receive from your solar system. The insulation has been applied to ensure that the cylinder holds it heat longer giving more hot water from the solar system. The important difference between a solar cylinder and a standard multi coil cylinder is the solar coil is located below all other coils giving the cylinder its dedicated solar volume storage. The Joule cylinder’s solar coil exact location is a result of months of testing to determine the correct solar storage for each different size cylinder. As northern Europe has little solar gain during winter months the solar cylinder must allow for sufficient hot water when relying on your home heating boiler or electrical immersion. It is with all these advantages it is no wonder that the Joule Vented Copper Solar Cylinder is an ideal match to what ever solar package you have. The other great advantage about sourcing your high efficiency solar cylinder from Joule is we will make the cylinder to your exact specification if required. Just contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise.