Joule 300 Litre Twin Coil Pressurised Vented Stainless Steel Cylinder for Solar

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Product Description

Joule 300 Litre Twin Coil Vented Pressurised Stainless Steel Cylinder For Solar Complete With Immersion Fitted

  • 1 Coil for Solar
  • 1 Coil for Oil or Gas
  • HEIGHT – 1535mm
  • DIAMETER – 560mm
  • WEIGHT (Empty) – 47kg

Efficient solar supported indirectly heated hot water

Twin Coil:  These cylinders are designed to be heated indirectly using of an oil or gas boiler. They come complete with one electric Element to intermittently support the water heating system.

Immersion Heater options:  Incoloy immersions come as standard in all Joule Cyclone Cylinders unless otherwise stated. Incoloy immersions are designed for low to medium use in a domestic application. If the water been stored is hard or the usage is high, Joule recommend Titanum Immersions.

Eco80:  With the requirement for more energy efficient solutions, Joule offer the full Cyclone range with Eco80 specification. The eco 80 range increases insulation thickness to 80mm nominal.