EPS 270 litre Multiboost System Rectangular

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Product Description

EPS 270 litre Multiboost System Rectangular

The Multiboost Rectangular 270L is an ideal solution for houses and apartments with low mains water pressure and where pressure fluctuates. The Multiboost Rectangular range is perfect for areas where height restrictions and access are an issue. It is electronically controlled through a fl ow switch unit which starts and stops the pump automatically when the tap is opened and closed.

Key Features:

  • Manual adjustable start-up pressure function
  • Dry run protection with auto restart (time delay)
  • 2 L water accumulator tank
  • 16 amp rated controller with pressure gauge as standard
  • 3 piece union on outlet (for easy maintenance for crimp piping)

With a water pressure boosting system you can increase the water pressure in the entire system and all appliances connected to it: Showers, taps, toilets, washing machines, sprinklers, hosepipes, etc.

Overall, water boosting systems are suitable for:
Increasing the water pressure delivered by the mains supply.
Increasing the water pressure from tanks: Roof tanks, break tanks, ground tanks and rainwater tanks.
Lifting water from underground tanks and shallow wells until 8 m deep to the water table.

Low or fluctuating water pressure and unreliable, poor water flow rates can be a result one or more of many factors;
At peak usage times (morning and evening) higher demand is placed on mains lines.
Being near the end of a mains line.
Being at an increased elevation (eg. on a hillside or on an upper floor) means gravity can’t provide pressure naturally
Leaks in mains pipes prevent your water supply from performing efficiently
At times of reduced rainfall mains water supply may be reduced to a trickle
Using more than one water outlet in your home at once.