Braddan Shower Tray


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Product Description

With extensive choice and easy installation, Braddan is a long-term favourite among specifiers, installers and end-users.


  • The Braddan’s unique design can create full level access, surface mounted or step-in shower enclosure
  • Quick draining, thanks to a 35mm fall to the waste
  • Integral added strength for extra peace of mind
  • A slip-resistant surface makes them safe to use
  • A full selection of screens, curtain rails, and ramps means you can create the perfect bathroom for your requirements


  • Suitable for all floor types
  • A central waste position
  • There’s no need for undertray foaming
  • Pipe duct kits are available to help with the installation
  • We supply a ‘trim to length kit’ with 1800mm trays
  • 1800mm trays can be cut to 1500mm allowing flexibility of fitting
  • 5 waste options are available (see accessories)
  • Al trays are supplied with a separate tiling upstand
  • Surface-mounted tray height 40mm

Braddan 820 x 820mm with Gravity Waste                 (16470W)

Braddan 900x 900mm with Gravity Waste                  (16472W)

Braddan 1000 x 1000mm Tray with Gravity Waste    (16071W)

Braddan 1000 x 700mm Tray with Gravity Waste      (16000W)

Braddan 1200 x 700mm Tray with Gravity Waste      (16006W)

Braddan 1200 x 820mm Tray with Gravity Waste      (16045W)


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