Box 79.8×79.8 Quenos White Rectified R10 Matt Porcelain

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Actual Area (sq. yd.) 1.52
Total Price 53.09
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GRAND CONCRETE Concrete is a material used for ages in architecture; it is integrated into the public space: it paves walkways and stairs; it is used in everyday objects. However, owing to its design flexibility and arrangement possibilities, it has become part of interior design; it has become fashionable, and is a favourite material used by architects and designers. Now, it is one of the most frequently used motifs in modern interiors.

QUENOS concrete with a delicate, softened design matching every space. The diversity of formats is a way to achieve uncommon arrangements of walls and floors in all of the rooms in your home.



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Pieces: 2                                   

Yrd: 1.519

Mtr: 1.27

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