Box 31×63 Nairobi Marfil Glazed Ceramic

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17 Per Square Yard

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Actual Area (sq. yd.) 1.67
Total Price 28

Product Description

Decorate your home with the beautiful Nairobi Range, choose from porcelain or ceramics tiles with matching decors and a high gloss finish. This Spanish range is perfect for any contemporary bathroom with 4 colours and 4 Decors to choose from.

The Nairobi porcelain range consists of 3 nice warm colours, perfect to decorate any room in your home with its gloss finish to reflect the warmth around the room. The decor tiles can be used as a splash-back in the kitchen area creating a nice flow of warm shades through out the house.

*** SOLD BY BOX ***

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Pieces: 7                                    

Yrd: 1.67 

Mtr: 1.40

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