Touch Me White Satin Geo 29.8×59.8 Ceramic Tiles

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Touch Me White Satin Geo Ceramic Tiles


Arranging a white bathroom is the perfect recipe for a timeless and universal interior. White introduces a sense of order and neatness to our space, making the bathroom look fresh, spacious and… clean. We can discover the various faces of traditional white thanks to the Touch Me tile collection. Smooth, satin tiles in combination with structural tiles are a great way to diversify a classic interior and break the stereotypical approach to the total white look. The deep, geometric textures ensure we are unable to take our eyes off them, and we can also be happy when we feel their velvet finish under our fingertips. The satin base plates and soft 3D tiles imitating mild waves or opting for the structured lines, are all part of the collection. The collection also includes a stylistically consistent Porcelain floor tile, measuring 42×42.


*** SOLD BY BOX ***

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Pieces: 7                                   

Yrd: 1.495

Mtr: 1.25

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