Box 25×25 Bali Stone R11 Matt Porcelain

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Actual Area (sq. yd.) 1.35
Total Price 35.12
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Product Description

Bali Stone Porcelain

Bali Stone is the new Undefasa collection with antibacterial properties designed for outdoor spaces.


Safe materials for safe spaces.

IMMUNE Antibacterial Tiles are UNDEFASA’s new range of bacteria-free products, suitable both indoors and outdoors, which block bacteria and prevent its proliferation on surfaces.

Perfect solution for all types of spaces

Ensuring consistent protection even in complete darkness, they’re the perfect solution for all types of spaces: residential housing, terraces, public spaces, gyms, swimming pools, restaurants, shops, industry and more.

24-hour surface protection

IMMUNE Antibacterial Tiles are 99% effective against bacterial agents. The antibacterial nanoparticles embedded in the ceramic glaze provide active lifelong protection.

How IMMUNE Antibacterial Tiles does work?


*** SOLD BY BOX ***

Package BOX

Pieces: 18                                     

Yrd: 1.35 

Mtr: 1.13



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