Colour Blink Cream Satin 29.8×59.8 Ceramic Tiles

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Actual Area (sq. yd.) 1.5
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Colour Blink Cream Satin Ceramic Tiles

No matter what style we prefer, the Colour Blink Ceramic tiles collection helps us create the original bathroom that we have always dreamed about. A monochrome subdued interior or a crazy mix of patterns and colours? The choice is ours.

From the smooth base and structural tiles to the original “roof”-shaped mosaic – within the wide collection of elements anyone can find something to enjoy. If we are seeking bold stylisations and strong colours, we can choose satin-finished turquoise tiles, while anyone preferring more subdued designs have quiet and very universal shades of beige, enlivened by a shiny strip.


*** SOLD BY BOX ***

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Pieces: 7                                   

Yrd: 1.495

Mtr: 1.25

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