2.4 Metre Length Scotia White

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Product Description

Scotia White

All solid wood, engineered wood and laminate flooring requires an expansion gap around the perimeter of the room. Scotia is a decorative moulding used to cover the gap without removing the skirting.

Scotia is fixed to the skirting board and over the top of the flooring around the perimeter of the wall. Scotia is of a concave design.

  • TIP – White scotia is sometimes used to blend in with white skirting. It looks like the Scotia is part of the skirting and the skirting board is on top of the wood floor.

Measuring for scotia

  • Measure the perimeter of your room/hall etc.
  • Allow 10% extra for cuts/mitres
  • Most scotia comes in 2.4 linear metre lengths so add the perimeter measurements together then divide the total length you require by 2.4 and that should give you the amount of lengths you require.
  • Ie. A room that is 5.00m x 3.60 metres gives a total of 17.20 linear meters. 7.20 divided by 2.40 (scotia length) = 7.17 lengths. This needs to be rounded up to 8 lengths. You will require 8 lengths.