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IS GREEN A GOOD COLOUR FOR A BATHROOM? Certainly green is a great bathroom colour, Bathrooms are a space where we seek warmth and relaxation, so it is important to choose a colour combination that exudes tranquillity. Green is an ideal colour for the bathroom because it can be calming or invigorating, depending on the […]
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Certainly green is a great bathroom colour, Bathrooms are a space where we seek warmth and relaxation, so it is important to choose a colour combination that exudes tranquillity.

Green is an ideal colour for the bathroom because it can be calming or invigorating, depending on the shade. When it comes to shades, emerald or forest green tiles or furniture will give your bathroom a dramatic feel, while pale pistachio, mint or light sage tiles or furniture will make your bathroom feel lighter and brighter.

Platform light grey 700mm wallmounted lifestyle

The right shade of green paired with accessories such as towels in complementary hues can create the atmosphere you want, and they can make a small space feel airy or make a large space cosier.

Look for a green that resonates with you and your space. Do you want a light and airy feel or dark and dramatic?

vitoria grey cloakroom 3

You can use green to create either of these looks as it is so versatile. Team your green with neutrals like white, stone and taupe, or use a punchy pink or turmeric, White with Green is a nice blend of earthy and fresh and it always works whatever shade of green you combine it with.

N19WH60DEM 2

Wood effect tiles are very popular in bathrooms these days and green is a great colour combination, bringing the outside in, creating that earthy oasis in your bathroom.  

Fairmont 600 Agave 3 drawer with WC lifestyle 2

If you want to keep your walls and floors neutral and add a pop of green to your bathroom there are many different green types of bathroom furniture available in Ireland today. The green Toilets and Basins have even made a comeback but are now vastly different from the 70s Avocado bathroom suites we all love to hate.

sonas green and black
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No matter what combination you desire green with whites, greys, pinks or woods all these colours are available in tiles and furniture, so you can choose to be bold or subtle with your green inspired bathroom.  

Widcombe 600 unit Pewter straight on lifestyle
Fairmont 1000 Agave Lifestyle without legs
Scheme 1000 Juniper Lifestyle

Whichever green bathroom you desire, have a browse through our green bathroom images and products below for some bathroom inspiration.

Tilewise Logowithtext

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Minimalist design is an ongoing popular trend in bathroom interiors for some years now.  As the word minimalist indicates, declutter, a minimalist bathroom would be a place where the usage of furniture or any other objects would be reduced as much as possible.  The best way to achieve this is to use as little clutter […]
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Minimalist design is an ongoing popular trend in bathroom interiors for some years now.  As the word minimalist indicates, declutter, a minimalist bathroom would be a place where the usage of furniture or any other objects would be reduced as much as possible.  The best way to achieve this is to use as little clutter as possible in your bathroom décor, this doesn’t mean leaving your bathroom without style!

It’s all about choosing things that have a function and using them to beautify your minimalist space, emphasising simplicity and creating a beautiful and stylish bathroom.


Create your minimalist bathroom with great style by using clean lines, and creative storage, like wall-hung bathroom vanity units.  Under-basin storage is a great way of minimalising clutter, a simple design can make your bathroom feel calming and luxurious while being simple and functional.

If you are stuck for space, there is a short projection version of modular vanity units and slim fitted furniture available.

Also, when considering the Toilet you can get short projection toilets, opt for the fully back to wall as it helps create, should I say it again the MINIMAL look.  Please make sure you check with your plumber that this is optimal as some bathrooms are plumbed differently.

Another great way to store away all your cosmetics is bathroom mirror cabinets, the great thing is that nowadays they are not bulky and hanging out over the basin, Bathroom Mirror cabinets are now available in a slim projection and they can also be integrated into the wall, to give the streamline illusion with hidden storage. Mirrors are also a great way for reflecting light around a room opening up the space and offering a perfect minimalistic look. By using a Mirrored Cabinet you are minimising the products in the room as you have storage and your mirror in one place.

N18BS80GST N18DU80GST 1 1


In today’s market, the world is your oyster when choosing bathrooms fittings, from the accessories to the shower you can choose from Chrome, Matt Black or Brushed Brass all matching in design. With all the brassware matching, it gives that clean streamlined feeling which encourages the eye to flow along the uniformed shapes, which achieves a great minimal bathroom.

beautiful minimalist bathroom decorations 2


The Showering area can also be incorporated with the colour of the bathroom fittings, by using a glass wetroom shower screen and choosing the same colour profile as your brassware, a wetroom panel will open up the space and elevate the feeling of your bathroom, too!

If you are not into shower cubicles or wetrooms and love your bath, there is fabulous slim back to wall freestanding baths available and you can have your taps fitted on the wall also giving you that lovely minimalist streamline finish. Maybe you have a big luxurious bathroom and can fit in both.

Use minimal shower fittings to encourage that open space, consider installing a rain head shower fitted from the ceiling.

When considering your storage for the shower area, opt for the minimal corner baskets or if this is an option for you, before tiling had a boxed shelf cut out in the wall, this is a great minimal design and leaves your shower products easy to access.


Ceramic tiles are versatile, functional, and easy to keep clean. For a clean, minimalist look, you should stick to a neutral colour palette like white, light grey and very light colours, pastels are back in fashion in the world of interior design. You can choose to add more personality to your space with a pop of colour, but do not overdo it. You should also avoid adding too many patterns or textures to your bathroom’s décor.

It is possible to get creative with your design, think of the shower area, you can feature your design or pop of colour here, or behind the basin is another great area to add character, so you can express yourself while keeping things minimal in your bathroom.



Lighting can be a simple way to add style to a minimalist bathroom, by using sleek integrated ceiling lighting and opting for the dimmable version can add ambience to the space. The bathroom cabinets I mentioned before are also available with led mood changing light, this can also give your bathroom just the right lighting.

grey blanket bathroom mp 1


Don’t go covering your clean walls with pictures and cluttering up your lovely room, use some nature to décor your bathroom, potted plants are a perfect addition to any minimalist bathroom. They offer a fresh and cheerful look that complements the minimalist style.

FARA bathroom mp 2

I hope you get the bathroom of your dreams.

For some inspiration and design ideas visit our 101 bathrooms showroom in Tullamore

With many bathrooms and tiles to choose from, it’s a World of Inspiration.

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Featuring a market leading, ultra-slim design to fit into any space, an on-trend circular design, effortless touch controls and heated demister, Rhapsody brings great sounding music to your bathroom with no compromise on aesthetics


With innovative Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, our LED Rhapsody mirror allows you to pair your smart device and play your favourite tunes.


  • touch controls
  • heated demister
  • slim depth
  • pair your smart device and play your favourite tunes with innovative Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

R2 Rhapsody Led Round Bluetooth Mirror


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Tiling your bathroom, Kitchen or any room in your home and you just can’t imagine the finished look? we will be happy to help. Visit the 101 Bathrooms Showroom Tullamore for a wander, with over 100 displays, it’s a world of inspiration.

But how do you calculate the number of tiles that you need so that you do not buy too few or too many? It is simpler than you might think. We can also do this for you, but you do need some basic measurements before you can purchase your tiles.

When estimating the number of tiles, you must consider some aspects. First, the dimensions of the room, but also the dimensions and shape of the tiles, the pattern of their arrangement and whether you are planning to install decorative elements such as Décor Tiles, Borders, or mosaics.


Calculating the area

First things first, to calculate the surface area to be covered with tiles, you must measure (in feet to get square yards required) the width and length of the floor, as well as the width and height of the walls.

If you do not want to lay the tiles up to the ceiling, but only to a certain level, for example, just above the bath or washbasin – only take this height into account.

Then multiply the height or length by the width in feet (separately for the floor and walls) then divide this by 9 it will give you how many square yards you required.

Then add at least 5-10 percent to allow for cutting and waste, the amount of wastage from cutting the tiles depends of the size and shape of the tiles against the size of the room, it also depends of the shape of the room.

The window and door area can be deducted, but if the window is small best to leave in to allow for waste when tiles in around the window.



Floor – 4ft x 9ft = 36ft / by 9 = 4 square yards + 10% (for cutting) 4.4 square yards

4 Walls – 20ft x 8ft = 160ft / by 9 = 17.77 square yards + 10% (for cutting) 19.55 square yards

I would recommend you always make sure you have enough tiles as purchasing additional tiles later may prove to be problematic, or even impossible. The new batches can have a slightly different colour and may not match the previously purchased tiles perfectly. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to terminate the production of a particular collection.

If you intend to introduce decorative features such as border tiles, mosaics or décor tiles, you have to calculate their exact number. In the case of strips, it is simple – if you want them on each wall in the form of a straight line – measure the length of all walls and divide it by the length of a single décor piece. The surface area of decorative elements – Borders or décors can be subtracted from the total surface area of the basic tiles.



4 Walls – 20ft / by Size of border/Décor 2ft = 10 pieces + maybe 2or3 (for cutting)

Please do not worry, once you have the basic measurements of the room, we are here to help with the rest and our website even has a calculator to tell you how many boxes of tiles to buy all you need to do is measure the area you want to cover.

I hope your room is picture-perfect as you imagined. 😉

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Tavistock Bathrooms one of the leading Bathrooms Brands have added a new contemporary range of Bathroom Furniture to their extensive Bathroom collections.

Tavistock Cadence furniture brings a new stance to Tavistock, this unique, refreshing design offers you complete flexibility making it ideal for the demands of the modern bathroom.

An effective design, Cadence’s versatile form perfectly captures the minimalist bathroom style.

Cadence 500mm wallmounted white finish lifestyle copy


Adding sophistication to your bathroom, you have the option of wall hung or floor standing. The Cadence offers a selection of 4 colours and a range of 6 sizes, suitable for a cloakroom bathroom right up to the master bathroom, even extending to a double basin option.

Cadence 400mm cloakroom white finish unit lifestyle copy


Then to add the finishing touches, an extensive collection of handles and knobs gives you plenty of choice to complement the cadence furniture. There is also an option of Isocast or ceramic basins, so you can opt for a classic, polished ceramic basin to add enduring style, or a sleek low profile isocast sink for a more contemporary look.

Create a personalise structure to your unit and declutter your space by adding Cadence solid wood storage boxes to your drawers. Combined with a convenient in-drawer lighting kit, these useful wood storage boxes allow you to keep your bathroom unit organised, with all your bathroom essentials tidy and easily within reach.

Cadence 800mm unit oxford blue lifestyle copy


Call to our 101 Bathrooms Showrooms in Tullamore for a closer look, we will be happy to help Create your bathroom, in your style.

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