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The Heatwise ‘101 Bathrooms’ Summer Tile Sale

At Heatwise Plumbing Supplies, we are well known in Ireland for providing the very best in shower units, insert stoves, shower doors, vanity units and everything you could possibly need for your home improvement projects. However, we also do an extensive range of wall and floor tiles and right now we have our ‘101 Bathrooms’ Summer Tile sales, so it’s a great time to come and see us!

Let’s take a peek at just some of the discounted lines we have available.

Hot Summer Bathroom Deals From Heatwise Plumbing Supplies

When the weather’s as good as it has been this summer, it’s the perfect time of year to think about getting started on that bathroom project you’ve been thinking about. And right now at Heatwise Plumbing Supplies, there’s an even more reason to get started, as we’ve got a big sale on a huge range of bathroom suites, bathroom sinks, shower doors, vanity units and a whole lot more.

Tons of Bargains to Had at the Summer Shower Sale from Heatwise

At Heatwise Plumbing Supplies, we have been delighting our customers for over 30 years with our extensive range of high-quality bathroom suites, toilets, vanity units, floor tiles, shower units and insert stoves. Not only do we supply the very best products from top manufacturers across the world, but we offer them at the most affordable prices you’ll find anywhere in Ireland.

That applies even more so right now, as we’re running our Summer Shower Sale, offering you the chance to upgrade your bathroom for less. Let’s take a moment to look at just some of the bargains we have in store.

The Summer Tile Sale from Heatwise

The Summer is well and truly here and it’s time to make those home improvements you’ve been thinking about all year and to help you out, at Heatwise Plumbing Supplies we’ve got a wide array of top quality products to choose from. Whether you’re looking for shower doors, vanity units, insert stoves or new bathroom suites, we’ve got you covered.

Here we look at the discounted range of floor tiles and wall tiles we’ve included in our Summer Tile Sale. If you’re looking to add a touch of freshness to bathroom, kitchen or lounge, we’ve got an option to suit.

Let’s delve into the goodies we have in store.

Herringbone Laminate Flooring - A Luxurious Look at a Great Price

At Heatwise Plumbing Supplies, we are known across Ireland for being the place to go for high-quality bathroom suites, insert stoves and floor tiles and one of our most popular products is laminate flooring, thanks to the warming and elegant aesthetic that it provides. 

Now, ordinarily speaking, our laminate flooring prices are amongst the most competitive on the market, but right now, they’re even better, as our Chateau Herringbone laminate flooring is available at an even more attractive, discounted price - was €29.99 per Yard, now just €24.99 per Yard.

Heatwise Package Deals for Your Bathroom this Summer

With Summer rapidly approaching, many people are looking to breathe new life into their homes and at Heatwise Plumbing Supplies, we’ve got a number of great bathroom package deals to help get your projects achieved for less. What’s more, right now we have a range of deals that are ideal for those with a premium on space in their bathrooms.

So let’s have a look at just a few of the sale items we have instore.

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