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To accomplish an effective outcome of any renovations, the key is planning, so before you start pulling the busiest room in the house asunder, know what you want from the space.  Knowing what to ask the bathroom store or your plumber for is a good start. Ask yourself these questions to ensure you get the […]
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To accomplish an effective outcome of any renovations, the key is planning, so before you start pulling the busiest room in the house asunder, know what you want from the space.  Knowing what to ask the bathroom store or your plumber for is a good start.

Ask yourself these questions to ensure you get the bathroom you desire!

The key element of the room.

What functional features do I want in my bathroom?

bathroom renovations

Do you prefer a Bath or a Shower?

There are many different types of Baths on the market, choose a bath that best suits you and your family needs but also that fits in your bathroom.

(have a read of our bath blogs to help you decide).

If a shower is your preference, which design is something you should decide early in your planning.  An enclosed shower or wetroom style.  Although a wetroom can look lustrous and minimalistic, with just a glass panel separating the shower from the rest of the room, you will feel the cool air from the bathroom so planning your bathroom heating to suit the bathroom style is very important.

This would also be a good time to ask yourself the next question.

What sort of heating should I choose?

Although Heated towel rails look nicer than the normal radiator, please note these are not suitable to heat your bathroom, heated towel rails are only suitable to heat towels, your plumber will recommend the best heating to suit your bathroom. If you are considering a heated towel rail, make sure to inform your plumber as pipes will have to be fitted prior to tiling etc.


Before moving forward with any decisions and visiting the bathroom store, have an assessment done by a plumber, the plumber will assess the plumbing in your home and tell you what is and isn’t possible or may suggest moving some of the plumbing to make the bathroom more functional.

An important thing to know is what water pressure is in your home, like whether it is gravity or pump feed. (have a read of our blog on water pressure).  This will help you know what shower and taps you can purchase. If your home has poor water pressure now may be a good time to have a pump install, but make sure to ask your plumber if your boiler compacity can service all the new fittings, like pan head showers etc, as this would add substantially to your budget.

Next on my list would be Storage.  How much storage do you need?

Is it essential to have lots of storage space or are you a minimalist? either way there is numerous ways of adding storage to your bathroom. If you like the minimalist basin look you can always opt for Mirrored or side storage. These days most people opt for the under-basin storage, Vanity units which can also help with the next decision.

How do I want my Bathroom to look?12 How you want your bathroom to make you feel is just as important to functionality, this is where the Storage comes in, there is a vast amount of Bathroom vanity units to choose from, whether you want it to be modern or traditional, there has never been so many options from unit colours to handles colours.

How you want your bathroom to look is a very personal thing and only you can decide, the experts are only there to guide you, it is your bathroom, your style, your creation.  Both modern and traditional are equally popular today, so it is a matter of personal taste.

Browsing through the showroom, bathroom brochures and media will help you get an idea of the bathroom style you love, bring these ideas to the showrooms to help voice your bathroom desire. When it comes to choosing your tiles, bring a sample home as the lighting and space in the showrooms will be different yours at home. Tiles are a long-term choice so ensure you choose your tiles in plenty of time and don’t rush it just to get the job done.

What kind of lighting is best in a bathroom?

Firstly, any lighting you buy make sure it is IP (ingress Protection) rated. Secondly, before the tiling is done, it is vital to choose weather you need wiring on the walls for wall lighting or a mirror with lights, demister, shaving socket or even Bluetooth so you can really relax in your new oasis. Maybe you fancy some mood lighting, with a built in speaker and a remote control, so you can sit back and relax and listen to your favourite oldies.

If space is an issue in your bathroom, the use of mirrors and lighting will create reflection around the room to open it up.

Now for the most important part of any renovation, how should I work out my budget?14

Make a list!

Factor in the cost of the plumber, tiler and electrician.

Don’t forget to relay all your decision to the expert, as you don’t want any surprises when it comes to paying or find that the shower you choose won’t work in your home.


Check with the Tiler if the cost of waterproof in the walls or if the floors need to be levelled.

Get a quote on the bathroom store, if you are over budget, they will show you where you can cut costs.

Think of the extra little finishing touches like bathroom accessories, towels to suits the interior.

One last thing to include, waste removal, it isn’t cheap..


I hope you get the bathroom of your dreams.

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HiB is known for its quality and unique designs as HiB Novum say themselves “Home is where the heart is, and when it comes to the bathroom, we all need a space that soothes the body and stirs the soul. That’s why we created HiB Novum – to help homeowners find their signature bathroom style and provide the ‘wow’ that comes from a beautifully styled interior. Whether your dream bathroom is cool and contemporary, traditional and timeless, or artfully avant-garde, HiB Novum lets you create it, without compromise.”  And there are no truer words, don’t just take our word for it call to our 101 Bathrooms showroom and browse through the Stunning furniture, Taps, Lights and Mirrors from Hib.

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