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There are many different types of baths available today the most popular is the freestanding bath but the most practical is an inset or shower bath, below you can read about the baths we have available @ 101 Bathrooms Tullamore.


Freestanding baths

A freestanding bath is the ultimate visual statement in bathroom luxury. With the right design and placement, they can create a feeling of space in a small bathroom.  Freestanding baths are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours to complement your individual style.

But If you like the look, but space is tight, consider a back-to-wall freestanding bath, It has the shapeliness of a freestanding bath viewed from the front but takes up less of the floor area because it has a straight side that goes against the wall.


Inset baths

Inset baths are easier for bathing the kids and ideal for a bath/shower combination and they are available a range of sizes.

Inset baths are installed against a wall and set on framed legs, the bath is usually concealed by a bath panel or tiled to suit the rest of the bathroom.

When purchasing a bath panel, you need to check if you also need an end panel as some baths fit between two walls and other you have space at the end which you will need to conceal.

Single-ended baths have taps and waste at one end, they are designed for one person to lie in with feet towards the bath taps.

Double-ended baths have taps and waste in the centre. This gives a single user the choice of which way to lie, this is a great choice for families with more than one child.

If you want to create a bath/shower combination, you can buy a bath screen and have it fitted on the bath.  The shower you can have fitted over your bath depends on how your water system is plumbed.  It is best to seek advice from your plumber before making any decisions.


Shower baths

Shower baths are great for families as they give you the option of having a bath or a shower.  If your bathroom does not have enough space for a separate bath and shower, combining the two gives the best of both worlds.

The most popular shower baths are inset baths with extra width.  They have an extra width at the top for showering with a bath screen at the side.

When considering a shower bath, you have a choice of a round shaped which can be called a p or b shaped shower bath or a square shape which can be called an L shaped shower bath.  When pricing a shower bath make sure the price includes your bath screen (and side panel if required) as some companies price them separately.

If your bath is not meeting both walls in your bathroom you would also need to purchase and end panel for the bath.


Corner bath

If space is limited in your bathroom, you can use a built-in corner bath to make the most of every inch. Corner baths come in a range of sizes and come with a curved panel and are the same as an inset bath just a different shape.

The freestanding bath has taken over the opulence of having a corner bath.

I personally opted for the Quebec shower bath as it best suited my family and I had very little space in my bathroom. The Quebec is only 1500mm long, perfect for bathing a child and I have the option to shower, Happy Days!

The best way to choose a bath is measure your bathroom check the plumbing and buy the bath that best suits your bathroom and your needs…

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