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Safe materials for safe spaces. IMMUNE Antibacterial Tiles are UNDEFASA’s new range of bacteria-free products, suitable both indoors and outdoors, which block bacteria and prevent its proliferation on surfaces. We all love some extra protection and peace of mind. Perfect solution for all types of spaces 24-hour surface protection IMMUNE Antibacterial Tiles are 99% effective […]
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Safe materials for safe spaces.

IMMUNE Antibacterial Tiles are UNDEFASA’s new range of bacteria-free products, suitable both indoors and outdoors, which block bacteria and prevent its proliferation on surfaces. We all love some extra protection and peace of mind.

Perfect solution for all types of spaces

24-hour surface protection

IMMUNE Antibacterial Tiles are 99% effective against bacterial agents. The antibacterial nanoparticles embedded in the ceramic glaze provide active lifelong protection. At the same time making your home beautiful.

How IMMUNE Antibacterial Tiles does work?

The antibacterial nanoparticles integrated into the enamel provide the pieces with active protection throughout the useful life of the material.

Arendal Wood Effect Porcelain – IMMUNE Antibacterial Tiles


Bali Stone from The IMMUNE Antibacterial Tile Collection



Discover a collection of marked personality, ideal to accentuate the protagonism to walls and floors as the centre of the home decorative axis beyond its functionality. Alpi offers a very natural look.

Alpi provides a texture of incessant ways that varies between chromatic hues that go from beige to grey creating great beauty backgrounds and curiosities. Consequently, adding that wow factor to your home.





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Featuring a market leading, ultra-slim design to fit into any space, an on-trend circular design, effortless touch controls and heated demister, Rhapsody brings great sounding music to your bathroom with no compromise on aesthetics


With innovative Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, our LED Rhapsody mirror allows you to pair your smart device and play your favourite tunes.


  • touch controls
  • heated demister
  • slim depth
  • pair your smart device and play your favourite tunes with innovative Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

R2 Rhapsody Led Round Bluetooth Mirror


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Tiling your bathroom, Kitchen or any room in your home and you just can’t imagine the finished look? we will be happy to help. Visit the 101 Bathrooms Showroom Tullamore for a wander, with over 100 displays, it’s a world of inspiration.

But how do you calculate the number of tiles that you need so that you do not buy too few or too many? It is simpler than you might think. We can also do this for you, but you do need some basic measurements before you can purchase your tiles.

When estimating the number of tiles, you must consider some aspects. First, the dimensions of the room, but also the dimensions and shape of the tiles, the pattern of their arrangement and whether you are planning to install decorative elements such as Décor Tiles, Borders, or mosaics.


Calculating the area

First things first, to calculate the surface area to be covered with tiles, you must measure (in feet to get square yards required) the width and length of the floor, as well as the width and height of the walls.

If you do not want to lay the tiles up to the ceiling, but only to a certain level, for example, just above the bath or washbasin – only take this height into account.

Then multiply the height or length by the width in feet (separately for the floor and walls) then divide this by 9 it will give you how many square yards you required.

Then add at least 5-10 percent to allow for cutting and waste, the amount of wastage from cutting the tiles depends of the size and shape of the tiles against the size of the room, it also depends of the shape of the room.

The window and door area can be deducted, but if the window is small best to leave in to allow for waste when tiles in around the window.



Floor – 4ft x 9ft = 36ft / by 9 = 4 square yards + 10% (for cutting) 4.4 square yards

4 Walls – 20ft x 8ft = 160ft / by 9 = 17.77 square yards + 10% (for cutting) 19.55 square yards

I would recommend you always make sure you have enough tiles as purchasing additional tiles later may prove to be problematic, or even impossible. The new batches can have a slightly different colour and may not match the previously purchased tiles perfectly. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to terminate the production of a particular collection.

If you intend to introduce decorative features such as border tiles, mosaics or décor tiles, you have to calculate their exact number. In the case of strips, it is simple – if you want them on each wall in the form of a straight line – measure the length of all walls and divide it by the length of a single décor piece. The surface area of decorative elements – Borders or décors can be subtracted from the total surface area of the basic tiles.



4 Walls – 20ft / by Size of border/Décor 2ft = 10 pieces + maybe 2or3 (for cutting)

Please do not worry, once you have the basic measurements of the room, we are here to help with the rest and our website even has a calculator to tell you how many boxes of tiles to buy all you need to do is measure the area you want to cover.

I hope your room is picture-perfect as you imagined. 😉

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Tavistock Bathrooms one of the leading Bathrooms Brands have added a new contemporary range of Bathroom Furniture to their extensive Bathroom collections.

Tavistock Cadence furniture brings a new stance to Tavistock, this unique, refreshing design offers you complete flexibility making it ideal for the demands of the modern bathroom.

An effective design, Cadence’s versatile form perfectly captures the minimalist bathroom style.

Cadence 500mm wallmounted white finish lifestyle copy


Adding sophistication to your bathroom, you have the option of wall hung or floor standing. The Cadence offers a selection of 4 colours and a range of 6 sizes, suitable for a cloakroom bathroom right up to the master bathroom, even extending to a double basin option.

Cadence 400mm cloakroom white finish unit lifestyle copy


Then to add the finishing touches, an extensive collection of handles and knobs gives you plenty of choice to complement the cadence furniture. There is also an option of Isocast or ceramic basins, so you can opt for a classic, polished ceramic basin to add enduring style, or a sleek low profile isocast sink for a more contemporary look.

Create a personalise structure to your unit and declutter your space by adding Cadence solid wood storage boxes to your drawers. Combined with a convenient in-drawer lighting kit, these useful wood storage boxes allow you to keep your bathroom unit organised, with all your bathroom essentials tidy and easily within reach.

Cadence 800mm unit oxford blue lifestyle copy


Call to our 101 Bathrooms Showrooms in Tullamore for a closer look, we will be happy to help Create your bathroom, in your style.

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The Origins of Opoczno date back to 1883, knowing for its combination of classic and modernity across Europe. The Opoczno brand became part of Cersanit SA in 2007.  

With intensive development, introduction of new technologies and concepts have made Opoczno one of the leading award-winning manufacturers of Tiles in Europe.


For many years, Opoczno has inspired the creation of interiors with a unique style, providing tiles with an exceptional wealth of patterns, colours, structures and formats.
Each collection is a sophisticated design resulting from the involvement of designers who are passionately looking for ideas in line with the trends and expectations of customers. The subtle combination of tradition and modernity and the use of the latest technologies makes all Opoczno products stand out due to their unique aesthetics and excellent quality.

Here are some of our favourite Tiles from Opoczno and Cersanit available at Tilewise – 101 Bathrooms Tullamore.



Marble has been reigning in interiors for many years. It is appreciated for its characteristic structure, minimalist form and timeless elegance. Lake Stone Opoczno tiles are glazed gres, i.e. mass-colored gres, inspired by marble. Light grey stone not only looks great, but is also extremely functional. It will look perfect in many different spaces: on the terrace, in the living room, in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Smooth, pleasant to the touch surface is another advantage of the Lake Stone series. It allows you to give the rooms refinement and cosy warmth at the same time. It is a great choice both for the floor in a small bathroom and for the living room in a large single-family house. Subtle shades and unobtrusive design – for everyone.







Do you feel great in classic, tastefully decorated spaces? This is an example of a timelessly beautiful collection made of majestic stone, which, thanks to the use of satin glaze, is deceptively similar to a natural material found in nature. Thanks to these tiles, in your bathroom you can feel like you are in a monumental ancient building. Their graphics in the form of copper and grey veins will be appreciated by particularly demanding customers who will certainly want to emphasize them with skilfully selected accessories, thus creating a unique combination.

cosima bathroom mp smallqn2Moq2lpWmXmsvZppeYqw



An extremely dynamic and original collection whose structure resembles crumpled paper. Such a result was achieved thanks to the combination of uniform grey with scratches and an irregular, three-dimensional structure. The impression is also strengthened by the surface structure – the use of microgranilia enamel for those who will appreciate the unique, delicate, soft surface of the tiles. This solution will also appeal to those who love well-lit rooms – the collection perfectly refracts the light and harmonizes perfectly with it.

grey blanket bathroom mp small



Do you dream of a modern bathroom design, but at the same time you do not want to give up home cosiness? Wood-inspired tiles from the Classic Oak collection are perfect as a substitute for a plank floor. The light color of the wood-like tiles will help to visually enlarge a small bathroom. It is also perfect for the kitchen, and in larger rooms it will create a unique, warm atmosphere, because the appearance of ceramic tiles resembles real wood.
The Scandinavian style is still in fashion. Natural, wooden elements of the interior attract attention – not only on the floor. Wooden texture floor tiles are a good choice if you are looking for easy-care surfaces. A ceramic tile floor does not require special care, so it will be an excellent choice for busy people. Classic Oak tiles are also perfect for walls. Combine them with minimalist furniture with simple forms and you will get the effect of a classic and stylish kitchen.









No matter what style we prefer, the Colour Blink collection helps us create the original bathroom that we have always dreamed about. A monochrome subdued interior or a crazy mix of patterns and colours? The choice is ours.
From the smooth base and structural tiles, to the original “roof”-shaped mosaic – within the wide collection of elements anyone can find something to enjoy. If we are seeking bold stylisations and strong colours, we can choose satin-finished turquoise tiles, while anyone preferring more subdued designs have quiet and very universal shades of beige, enlivened by a shiny strip.

COLOUR BLINK bathroom contemporary 1 mp small



When searching for a perfect colour palette for a bathroom, customers often choose simple, balanced solutions. Shades of white and grey combined with green hues are ideal for elegant, coherent interiors.
The REST collection is a subtle reference to natural stone, skilfully combined with geometrical decoration. These tiles will add a touch of eclecticism to all stylistically harmonious rooms. Thanks to the delicate glossy elements visible only on parts of the tiles, they will be an excellent addition to matt surfaces. The simplicity and subtlety of this collection offer a wide choice of arrangement solutions and thus function as a great base for interior design in various styles.

rest lazienka mp cam1 wersja 2sXyP6muepVrZqcjaWqSZ



There are materials that, despite the passage of years, do not age and do not lose their popularity. One of such raw materials is marble. The tiles from the MARBLE SKIN collection inspired by it are a discreet breath of effortless elegance at its best. The colours in this case are in shades of deep grey with a raw matte finish. The whole is highlighted with black veins finished with glossy ink. In a word – a classic, which is an excellent base for numerous arrangement ideas.



If you would like to a closer look at any of these tiles, call to our Tilewise Showroom @ 101 Bathrooms Tullamore, There’s A world of inspiration waiting for you..

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