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Saturday 19th December 2020

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, please note important information related to our
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Nature is here to stay. Designers appreciate and are eager to emphasise the beauty of wood. This noble material, however, cannot be used in every room. This is where wood-look tiles step in.



Being in touch with nature allows us to regenerate and maintain our balance in our everyday lives, which are full of challenges. This is why we feel great in interiors containing plants, organically-shaped items and nature-inspired patterns and colours. Wood is one of the most beautiful and universal materials used in interior design. It does have its limitations, however – it is vulnerable to moisture and mechanical damage and requires a lot of care. These drawbacks are not present in wood-look tiles, which, at the same time, perfectly mimic the beauty of the original material. They remain unchanged and beautiful for years in addition to being easy to clean – water does not damage them, and they require no special cleaning agents. Another advantage is that not only are they more durable than wood, but they are less expensive as well. Compared to wood, they conduct heat well, which is why they are much better for underfloor heating systems.

Wood-look tiles, Scandinavian style

Wood patterns give you stylistic freedom and allow you to create arrangements which match the newest trends in addition to being timeless – nature-inspired patterns never go out of style. Wood is an indispensable element of Scandinavian-style interiors. Bleached wood can be replaced with Oak White tiles, which mimic wood planks. Scandinavian-style bathrooms look great with the cold Perfect Form Cream and Perfect Form Beige tiles laid in parallel rows. Wood-look porcelain tiles in are perfect in vintage and industrial arrangements.

Porcelain as wood in vintage and industrial arrangements

Wood-look tiles, especially if laid in the herringbone pattern, can resemble a old-style wood floors, serving as a perfect base for classic and vintage spaces. The same floor, if laid with golden Softwood Beige tiles, depending on the furniture, details and fabrics, can serve as the base of chic, Parisian-style apartments in old townhouses, as well as of interesting, 70’s-style, vintage interiors. Wood patterns are also typical of very feminine, romantic spaces – such interiors look great with wood-look porcelain tiles from the Oak Classic White collection.


This material also has many great but less obvious uses – take the industrial style for example: dark and cold Nordic Oak Brown tiles, laid in parallel rows, look great combined with concrete and raw, metal elements. Dark but warm tiles are the base of interiors designed to reference classic Irish houses.





Thanks to their practicality, including their resistance to the elements, porcelain tiles can be used almost anywhere – both inside and outside the building. They are perfect for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as terraces and balconies. Water and frost are powerless against them, and their colour never fades in the sun. Porcelain tiles need no special care, and there is no need to worry that, despite all your efforts, they will eventually still change and look aged – wood-look porcelain tiles remain beautiful year after year.

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