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Like any item with moving parts the click-clack in your basin waste needs regular cleaning.




The click-clack can then be cleaned using soapy water only to remove any foreign matter. It is a good idea to clean the waste hole while the click-clack is removed. Limescale has to be removed regularly as it can cause the click-clack to cease.

Never use cleaning materials which contain hydrochloric acid, formic acid, chlorine bleaching lye or acetic acid as they will cause damage to the mechanism and invalidate the product warranty.

When replacing the click-clack and push button do not over tighten.

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Modern sanitary ware, basins, toilets, taps, showers, baths, shower trays, shower doors, bath screens, wet room panels and towel rails consist of very different materials to comply with the needs of the market with regard to design and functionality. To avoid damage it is necessary to consider certain criteria when cleaning and maintaining all of these products.

When cleaning, the following points must be observed

  • Never use cleaning materials which contain hydrochloric acids, chlorine bleaching lye or acetic acid as they cause considerable damage.
  • Mixing different cleaning agents is generally not permitted.
  • Never use cleaning materials or appliances with an abrasive effect, such as cleaning powders, sponge pads or microfibre cloths
  • Limescale has to be removed by regular cleaning.
  • The use of spray cleaners directly onto products can enter openings and gaps in the product and cause damage.
  • Use soapy water only for regular cleaning.


Residues of toiletries such as liquid soaps, shampoos, shower gels, hair dyes, perfumes, aftershave and nail varnish can also cause damage. It is best to rinse with water to remove residues. Damage caused by improper treatment is not covered by our guarantee.

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HOW TO FIT A SHOWER DOOR step-by-step guide.

Need a Shower enclosure upgrade? With so many designs to choose from, you will have no problem finding the perfect one.

Although Attempting to install your new bathroom yourself may seem like a good way to save money on installation costs, we recommend hiring an expert. This guide on how to install a shower enclosure is intended to demonstrate how an enclosure is fitted.

Make sure the water is turned off before attempting any DIY in the bathroom.

Firstly, you will need to have a shower tray fitted if you have not got one already.  Here is a guide on how to install a shower tray.

If you are tiling the walls in the shower area, consider using (classi seal) flexi seal to seal the walls.


  1. Position the shower Tray in the area you wish to fit your enclosure, use a spirit level to ensure it is perfectly level. (some shower trays require feet), if so, make sure to screw the feet on first) and inserting the waste outlet and trap.
  2. Connect the tray to the plumbing. you will need to attach the panel by fitting it into place to conceal the plumbing underneath the shower tray.
  3. Seal around the edges of the shower tray, and where the panel meets the floor and tray to ensure a watertight finish.

The Instructions below are a guide for fitting a square shower enclosure into the corner of the bathroom, where a door and side panel is needed. But the same principle applies to other types of shower enclosures.

You will need: Electric drill, Sealant gun, Silicone sealant, Spirit level, Screwdrivers, Door handles, Glass panels, Channels, Fixings


  1. Place the wall channels at the corner edges of the shower tray and use a spirit level to make sure they are vertical.
  2. Use the electric drill to drill pilot holes in the wall. Once you have done that, insert wall plugs and screw the channels to the wall.
  3. Decide which side the shower door will be on (most shower doors are reversible), before taking the side panel and slotting it into the appropriate channel.
  4. Next, fit the shower door into the other wall channel – we recommend you get an assistant for this part.
  5. The shower door and side panel will now be in place on the outside edges of the tray. They will then need fixing together at the corner.
  6. Use the screwdriver to screw the panels into position with the supplied fixings and fit the handle to the door.
  7. Use the silicone sealant and sealant gun to seal the outer edges of the shower enclosure but avoid the inside edges.

DIY is a great way to save time and money, however, to avoid disappointment, invalidating your warranty, and potential injury we recommend hiring a trained professional. This guide on how to fit a shower is for your information only and if you do decide to be bold and try it, we cannot be responsible for any outcome.


At 101 Bathrooms you will find a variety of Shower enclosures, Shower Doors, Wet Room Screens, and Shower Trays  in a range of shapes and sizes to suit any bathroom, small or large.

Quadrant enclosures, Pivot Shower Doors, Corner shower cubicles, Bi-Fold Doors, walk-in showers – Wet Room shower panels.

We stock a wide variety of quick-fitting installation doors From Leading Brands Flair and Merlyn. Check out the video below



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Wood Pellet Stove for your home

As we lie back enjoying the lovely waves of Heat in Ireland, now is a good time to get your home heating sorted for those cold winter months ahead. If you are thinking of cost-effective ways of heating your home a pellet stove is a popular choice for homeowners as they are budget and environmentally friendly.

Here are some advantages of having a wood Pellet Stove in your home

Clean & friendly to the environment – The stoves are built with a computer system that ensures clean burning. This leads to a very low ash content and very low carbon emissions as they are CO2 neutral certified. The amount of the carbon dioxide emitted during the burning process is equivalent to the amount absorbed during the growth of the trees. Pellet stoves also emit very low toxic chemicals and smoke compared to gas, traditional fossil fuel stoves, or wood. Furthermore, pellets are made from recycled materials, especially biomass waste like nutshells, wood, and sawdust.

Efficient – Wood pellet stoves are becoming more and more energy efficient. Some of the more advanced systems have an efficiency rate of up to 90%, which is better than any alternative fuel burning heater. Wood pellets are considerably more economical than either oil or gas when producing the same heat output.

Steady Prices – Wood pellets are composed of leftovers wood material and is economically competitive with other fuels used for heating, Which makes them cheaper to buy, and the great thing is that unlike all other fuel types, they do not experience dramatic price fluctuations throughout the year. With more stable prices, it is easier to plan for the costs of having a pellet stove.

Simple to use – If you have ever used another form of heater, you will find that it is easy to make the switch from your old heater to a pellet stove. There is not a lot to their operation, so even if you don’t have the instruction manual for the pellet stove, you will find that you will be able to operate it with no problem.

Controllable – Pellet stoves are completely controllable thanks to heat settings and fan speed settings. Turning the heat down means that you will be able to use the pellets more slowly and turning the fan down will enable you to enjoy a more comfortable heat. If you are sitting in the same room as the pellet stove, you will be able to turn down the temperature so that the air is more pleasant.

Compact – Wood pellets are small in size and can be fitted in many rooms in your home. The pellets come ready to use, they are packed in bags that are convenient to put in storage and stockpile. They are easy to store and produce a minimal amount of ash.

Visit our Showroom in Tullamore and see for yourself

We understand due to the lockdown restrictions from the coronavirus, Covid19 has put a lot of our plans on hold but our Showroom is open, You are welcome to our showroom to see the working models of our Pellet Stoves and good news the Rita Pellet Stove is ON SALE  now, don’t delay as this offer is only while stock last…

If you would rather find out more from the comfort of your own home contact us any time for more information – you can be sure that we will deliver the most efficient heating solution for your home.

check out more information on

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A small bathroom does not mean that you can’t have the WOW factor. If you have a small ensuite, a cloakroom WC or a compact bathroom, 101 Bathrooms have a wide variety of products to suit your style regardless of your bathroom size.

Colour scheme is very important when it comes to bathroom design. Choosing the correct colours in a smaller bathroom requires a bit of thought.  Neutral colours tend to work well in smaller bathrooms and can always be enhanced with a small splash of colour from bathroom fixture or a tile design.

Light plays a big part in a bathroom as when natural light reflects off surfaces, it creates the illusion of a larger space, but what if you have no window? Which is very common in small bathrooms.  Investing in good lighting in the bathroom will reflect light around the room.  Look for “cool white,” “bright white” or “daylight” bulbs that minimize shadows for the greatest output around your bathroom. Mirrors with lights will also create great reflection. I personally put a Mirror over my bath to create a maximum illusion.  Gloss Tiles are another great way to reflex light around a room.

Toiletries are things we use daily, but they can also make a small bathroom look extremely cluttered and highlight a lack of space. We recommend investing in a bathroom storage cabinet to store all your essentials.
These days bathroom storage is available in so many ways, from side storage to overhead store or opt for under basin storage. Let’s talk compact Basin units, available in all styles and colours, so if you like the classic look or a trendy pop of colour the world is your oyster or if you prefer to stick with the traditional basin & pedestal 101 Bathrooms can point you in the right direction.
One thing I would advise when you are picking a basin make sure it suits your needs and is big enough for the bathrooms requirements, for instance, if it is a downstairs loo and you are just washing your hands the size of the basin doesn’t matter too much but the basin if for your main bathroom for daily washing and grooming then you need a bigger basin.
If you opt for a basin and pedestal you could maximise your space by using a semi pedestal and still have storage as we also have some great overhead Mirrored Bathroom storage cabinets with an open bottom shelf leaving your most needed products handy to reach.

So normally in a compact room most people would recommend a wall hung toilet or back to wall toilet as it will help you to achieve a minimalist look and creates a more spacious appearance. As the cistern of a wall hung toilet or a back to wall toilet is hidden the toilet commands less space giving you more room to move around. Another advantage in choosing a wall hung toilet is that the toilet pan does not touch the floor, not only does it open up floor space but also makes it easier to clean, but saying all that this is not always a working option for some people so I would recommend you go chose from our wide range short projection toilets that give you the extra space required at less the price.

Shower enclosures can be found in many different shapes and sizes that can work very well in small bathrooms. Choosing a shower enclosure isn’t a straight forward process so we recommend taking some time to see what kind of shower enclosure is applicable to your bathroom needs.  Looking at the shape of your Bathroom and the space you have, corner entry shower doors are a good option. if you prefer a look of luxury without demanding space a quadrant shower door is the one for you, with clean curves and a large amount of internal space, quadrant shower enclosures can feel slightly roomier than rectangular or square alternatives. Want to create a wet room in your bathroom no problem, we have curved wet room panels too.

When we think of smaller bathrooms it often leads us to start making sacrifices due to a lack of space. Many people have children who love bathing and parents may prefer to shower which makes the choice between the two even harder. However, compromises do not have to be made. A shower bath will offer the best of both worlds and take up a lot less space.  I have a child and very little space in my bathroom so I opted for the Trojan corner bath and bath screen, which my daughter loves the funky shape and chose a bath shower mixer so we still have the option to shower.

Your Stunning awaits at Tullamore, take a Trip to our 15,000sq ft 101 Bathrooms Showroom for some inspiration.

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